Intelligent Document Processing for State entities

Hundreds of thousands of files are filed, consulted and managed daily in the different government agencies and entities. The risk of error, loss and alterations in the content of these documents is latent.

Integrating IK-DATA to the government sector strengthens the incalculable value of such documentation, making available an advanced and robust software that through Artificial Intelligence provides digital solutions for the classification, extraction and production of 100% automated and available content.

The Benefits: 

IK-DATA technology works in conjunction with state policies, for the case of Colombia, we are competitive before the Presidential Directive 03 of 2021 for the incorporation of AI in state entities.

Likewise, with IK-DATA you can process high volumes of information in just minutes, automate workflows, analyze in real time procedures and filings, validating the content of documents with business rules at the point of extraction

How do we achive this?

IK-DATA can automatically and electronically import any type of document; classify it and extract and export the contained data that government entities produce, process or manage.

By means of Artificial Intelligence, IK-DATA filters the required information according to pre-established parameters which validate inconsistencies, missing requirements and possible alterations, all in real time.

Likewise, through its Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and barcode engine, IK-DATA allows users to validate the veracity of the information by cross-referencing it with databases, thus guaranteeing the integrity of the data with fully automated workflows.

Where can we apply it?

Integrate IK-DATA to:

  • Programs such as Colombia Compra Eficiente and X-Road.
  • Investigation entities such as the Prosecutor’s Office, the Comptroller’s Office and the Attorney General’s Office.
  • Social entities such as ICBF.
  • Each and every one of the different Ministries.

Our software represents technology, justice and transparency in the State’s document processes.